Cedar Heights Orchards are located at

8 Crosby Lane 
Rhinebeck, NY

Come pick the best apples and take in the views of the Catskills and Hudson Valley.
Picking late August through October. We have many heirloom trees to pick from, and the orchard grows Galas, Cortlands, Jonamacs, Empires, Macouns and Red Delicious.
Some of the new varieties include Liberty and Gold Rush to name just a couple.
Got a question? Send us an e-mail or call us at the farm at (845) 876-3231 Cell (914) 859-5245


Back in 2010 Cedar Heights planted an experimental 1 acre block of new trees. We are exploring innovative high density growing practices as well as apple varieties that will be good for making hard and sweet cider. Some of the new trees are traditional European varieties such as Kingston Black, Yarlington Mills, Michelin and Dabinett. However, we are also very interested in rediscovering wonderful regional varieties that have been overlooked in recent time: Classic New England Baldwin;Northern Spy; Winesap; Newton Pippin; and of course the Russets; Roxbury Russet; St Edmunds Russet; and Golden Russet.

New, delicious, very productive and disease resistant varieties are being developed by university agricultural centers in the US,and we are very excited by the prospect of Goldrush and Liberty in the roster. Though small in size we love the crabs for their super sweet, super sour and super flavor: Harrison, Wickson and Virginia. We hope to have fruit from these new plantings in 2013. The success of this block will help guide the selection of new trees for both table and cider fruit as we grow production at Cedar heights Orchard.